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“Olivia is amazing! I am so lucky to have found her. She is a VERY different personal trainer and that’s what makes her so special. She will help you get strong for the rest of your life. I am 45-years-old and have never felt better. Do not hesitate, I cannot recommend her enough!” -Marie F.


Nutrition Counseling


Olivia offers nutrition counseling which includes initial nutrition assessment, goal setting, comprehensive individualized plans and support. In addition, she will assist in grocery list planning, along with providing recipes and ideas for meal preparation.


A Few Topics for Counseling Include:


Weight Loss/Management

Meal Planning

General Healthy Eating

Nutrition for Exercise/Sport Performance

Basic Nutrition Information

Mindful Eating

Following a Whole Foods Diet


Personal Training


Olivia offers personal training that is individualized to meet the client at their fitness and ability level. Prior to training she will fully evaluate the client, this includes, FMS screening, health risk factors, skinfold testing and goal setting. She will motivate, support and challenge you to reach your full potential.


Personal Training Goals Include:

Vancouver WA Personal Training

Personal Strength Training with Olivia

General Fitness

Weight Loss

Performance Enhancement


Marathon and Event Training

Post Rehab



Olivia offers various ROCKTAPE services which include taping for pain, edema, bruising, swelling, inflammation, scars, nerve entrapment, neurosensory control, posture, injury prevention. fascial lines, sports performance enhancement, recovery enhancement, pregnancy, tweak taping and skin gliding. Additionally, along with movement screening ROCKTAPE can aid in fixing dysfunctional motor patterns.